Update of Hot Gear Package~

A Huge update on my package ,however i don’t have time to Explanation my package node one by one.

I will get through the node if i got time.

So let’s list my node for your reference first.

last update : 2015.11.27

11-27-2015 5-52-42 PM


Dynamo – Web Request

Web Request only let you get the text of the web page, sounds nothing amazing, but when you want to know the stock price of your own however you don’t want anyone to know your checking the market.

That is it, amazing web request.

First the hardest part is you need the web site that allow you to request the real time designation stock price for free, and that need to respond with json or xml.

Like This

9-8-2015 2-30-30 PM

Otherwise that would be the whole page of html you need to deal with.

Once you get the date you just need to map which is the price of the stock, rise, fall, etc.

9-8-2015 2-35-21 PM

and finally setting up with Dyno Browser that is the result.

Stock Price

Compare with other chrome stock apps that is nothing special, but that’s means Dynamo not only communicate with revit it’s also have a possibility to run with other web resources.