About Hot Gear Package

I clean up the node that should not require to delete other package.
And for those node that i use by other package i will croup the node and give the credit for it.
Thanks ClockWork/Arich-lab/Spring for the awesome node.

Another update 2016-01-19

For the past 2 months i learning C# and writing  a useful add-in with it.

thanks for the dynamo and i learn a lot from python and how to manipulate revit data.

Dynamo – Create Wall by Floor Boundaries

This custom node not only create wall by floor & room boundaries, you can also control the offset of boundaries as well.

11-3-2015 4-37-52 PM

Diagrams of the node

By Room

11-4-2015 11-06-29 AM

By Floor11-4-2015 11-05-56 AM

This node is basic on measure the length of the offset to found the right direction of the curves, once synchronize the offset i turn every curves to poly curve and return back to curves and final fill in the Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node.

The last step seen to be unnecessary but this step is organize the curves for the creation node. Just plugin the curves seen not going to work.(bug?)

Dynamo – Join Type

This time just fill in the Elements ,the node will batch change the wall join type of both front and the end of the elements. (Because that’s hard to control where is the elements front or the end you want to change, so that become the both.)

Again the node will available on Hot Gear Package.

p.s. do not run this node automatic that will Clash the revit by some reason 😦

9-17-2015 5-29-54 PM

Dynamo – Parameter Export and Import (2)

Again the custom node was published on the Hot Gear Package.

For the input of the data i decide to separate 2 parts.

First part is read the data on excel and rebuild the list of parameter name and value. Then select what data you want to write in the revit by choice the index of parameter list,  you can select more than one parameter at the same time. But if you add the custom column on excel, make sure it follow the alphabetical order.

Second part is set parameter, convert the value for different data type(String, Number, Integer, etc)  and unit if necessary(length, area, volume, etc), final check and Run It.

p.s. Sometimes Revit use other unit to import (e.g. feet), after Run It make sure the result at the end is same as Excel.

9-9-2015 4-58-44 PM

Dynamo – Parameter Export and Import (1)

I just published the node on Hot Gear packages.

For Normal Family Type Parameter / Instance Parameter you just need insert the category and excel file path, it will export all family include of the Category / Element in the Document.

For System Family you need to insert the Element Types and excel Path.

If File Path is no selected it will auto open the new excel file.

9-9-2015 10-30-18 AM

The next will be the Import of the excel but it’s hard to all in one auto fill in the right place with the right data format.